The first book on Diversity and Inclusive Leadership that offers tried and tested approaches to achieving sustainable change in any sized organisation – operating locally and globally.

‘Inclusive Leadership – the definitive guide to developing and executing an impactful diversity and inclusion strategy – locally and globally’, aims to help organisations achieve the change they are looking for in a straightforward, highly pragmatic style.

Looking at all aspects of business, it works through the whole employee life cycle and helps you consider how you go to market and how you achieve a diverse supply chain. It introduces a framework that any sized organisation can use, to help you think about where you are on your D&I journey and where you want to be. There are also examples of leading thinking and good practice from around the world.

Much has been said and written about the real meaning of a diverse workforce and the benefits of everyone feeling included, but leaders continue to grapple with the challenge of creating more diverse and inclusive companies.

With the amount of senior leadership commitment, resource and passion put into this topic, why hasn’t more changed?

Academics tell us that 70% of change programmes fail because they are not underpinned by change management principles and a key challenge in the D&I field is that all too often, organisations are too heavily reliant on a collection of initiatives such as networks and minority leadership programmes.

This book, the first of its kind and written by two experts with over a combined 30 years experience in the field, will explain why progress is slow in many companies and will share with you the roadmap to creating and delivering an effective strategy that helps deliver a more inclusive workplace.

Using the STAR framework to help you identify where you are on your journey, the book covers:

  • The business case for a focus on D&I
  • The importance of driving your strategy through a change management approach
  • You and your stakeholders’ roles as change agents
  • The key derailers and how to remove barriers and obstacles
  • Tracking and measuring progress


  • Paperback 320 pages
  • Publisher Financial Times/Prentice Hall
  • Publication Date 10th October, 2016
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10 1292112727
  • ISBN-13 978-1292112725

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One Starting Out
  • Part Two Taking the Leap
  • Part Three Achieving Change
  • Part Four Reaping the Rewards
  • Foreword from Larry Hirst CBE
  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
    • What is Diversity and Inclusion?
    • Why is it important?
    • Who is the book for?
    • Why us?
    • Further thoughts
  1. What is ‘Starting Out’?
    • Starting Out
    • Introducing the STAR framework
    • Getting to grips with D&I terminology
  2. Assessing Your Current Position
    • What information is available?
    • Cultural and community norms
    • Analysing your data
  3. Creating the case for change
    • What has worked in the past within your organisation?
    • What’s more important – the moral, the legal or the business case?
    • Creating the Burning Platform
    • Do you know your SWOT from your PESTLE?
    • What’s In It For Me?
    • Use data that is most relevant for your organisation!
    • Challenging the Status Quo
  4. Building a strategic plan
    • Developing your vision
    • Creating your strategic delivery plan
    • Achieving short term wins
  5. Your role as a change agent
    • What does an effective change agent look like?
    • The skills and competencies required
    • Building your skills
  6. Who is there to help? Working with external providers
    • External Benchmarking
    • Charters and Kitemarks
    • Forums and external networks
    • Thought Leadership and Research
  1. Building your team
    • Building a wider team
    • Where’s the programme office?
    • Winning supporters from the board to the shop floor
  2. Communicating the change
    • Creating your key messages
    • Creating and delivering your plan
    • Media channels
    • Adapting and embedding into everyday messages
  3. Bias and talent bias traininig
    • The Impact of bias
    • What is Bias?
    • Bias and Unconsious Bias Training
  4. Talent management – Recruitment to Career Development
    • Recruitment
    • Pre-hire and your organisations brand
    • Accessing the talent pool
    • Effective assessment of your talent pool
    • Performance management
    • Progression and Promotion
    • Training and Development
  5. Talent management – Reward to Exit
    • Reward - pay and benefits
    • Leaving a company
    • Alumni networks
    • Pre-retirement programmes
    • Non-Exec Director positions
  6. Networks
    • What are networks and why build them?
    • Creating a network and getting it off the ground
    • Taking your local network regional and/or global
    • Challenges and obstacles
    • Measuring business impact and return on investment
  1. Inclusive Leadership Development
    • What do we mean by inclusive leadership?
    • Minority specific leadership development programmes
    • Cross cultural working
    • Coaching, mentoring and sponsorship for specific communities
  2. New Ways Of Working
    • What is New Ways of Working?
    • Why the Focus?
    • What is Flexible Working?
    • Workplace of the Future (WOFT)
    • Challenges and solutions
    • Tips to achieving your vision
  3. Removing Barriers and Obstacles
    • Why some D&I strategies fail
    • How to identify your barriers and obstacles
    • Overcoming barriers and obstacles and reducing their impact
  4. Thinking Global, Acting Local
    • Glocal - think global, act local
    • Creating a global ethos
    • Translating a global aspiration to local delivery
    • Empowering local employees to deliver their plan
  1. Measuring Impact And Realising Benefits
    • Creating the right, trackable measures
    • Individual measures
    • Targets verses Quotas
    • Converting impact measures to business benefits
  2. Embedding Your Strategy Into The Culture
    • Building on the change and continuously improving
    • Leveraging progress and successes across the organisation
    • Awards – gaining external recognition
    • Sponsorship – associating your brand with others
  3. Leveraging D&I In The Market
    • Supplier Diversity
    • Marketing to a diverse consumer base
    • Creating products and services for a diverse consumer base
  4. Looking Forward
    • Changing Demographics
    • The need to connect with your mid level managers
    • Small actions, Big impact
    • Engaging Men/Allies as Agents for Change
    • Multi generational working
    • Moving away from a focus on single strands to a more sophisticated approach
    • Building the pipeline
    • Increase Transparency
    • Heightened expectations from other stakeholders
    • Structuring the D&I function
  5. Conclusion

Author Biographies

Fleur Bothwick

Charlotte Sweeney, OBE

Charlotte has specialised in large-scale change programmes with a focus on diversity, inclusion, engagement and wellbeing for nearly 20 years. She is seen as a thought leader in her field and works with companies and executives from the private and public sectors to drive leadership and cultural change. Charlotte worked for Blue Chip companies in the Financial Services sector for 25 years (Barclays, Barclays Capital, HBOS and Nomura International) before creating her own consultancy.

Charlotte is also the founder of the ‘Creating Inclusive Cultures’ Programme which is a business forum of companies to drive sustainable change on Inclusion in cities across the UK. It is heralded as ‘the first serious programme that gets companies to work together on D&I issues in the UK regions’ and is a formal partner of the UK Government’s Prime Minister Northern Powerhouse Programme.

She conducted an independent review on the Voluntary Code for Executive Search firms in relation to getting more women onto boards for the UK Secretary of State Dr Vince Cable, which is now referred to as “The Sweeney Report”. She is Vice-Chair of the Dept of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy external Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Panel. She created and led the City of London’s Diversity Programme “The Power of Diversity” on behalf of the then Lord Mayor of London Dame Fiona Woolf CBE, collaborating with over 70 companies.

Charlotte is a former Non Executive Director and Deputy Chair at the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust in the UK. She currently holds a number of NED roles in companies and charities including the City HR Association and Carers UK and, in 2014, became a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants as well as gaining the Freedom of the City of London.

Over the years Charlotte has won many awards, including from Harvard, for her work in the Diversity and Inclusion field and was recognised by TIAW for advancing the economic empowerment of women. In October 2015, she was recognised by The Economist as in the Top 50 Diversity Professionals in the world. In 2016 she was awarded the Commended Award as a Transformational Leader in the Northern Power Women Awards and listed in the Top 50 Power Women.

Charlotte is co-author of the book ‘Inclusive Leadership’ on D&I strategies, published by The Financial Times. She writes for a number of professional publications as well as delivering keynote speeches and chairing conferences internationally. She is also a regular expert contributor in the Press, Radio and TV including The Guardian, The Financial Times, Sky News, BBC Radio Five Live and ITV News.

She is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, the Royal Society of the Arts, Professional Speaking Association and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

In the 2017 New Years Honours she was awarded ‘Officer of the British Empire’ for services to Women and Equalities.

Author Biographies

Charlotte Sweeney

Fleur Bothwick, OBE

Fleur is the Director of Diversity and Inclusive Leadership (D&I) for the EMEIA Region at EY which is made up of Europe, Middle East, India and Africa with ninety nine countries and 105,000 people. Her role entails developing, driving and embedding an integrated diversity strategy across this large multi-disciplined matrix organization.

A key focus for this role is stakeholder engagement, specialist consultancy, change management and brand development in the market. Fleur is a regular conference speaker and contributor to articles and research in this field, publishing a series of thought leadership, most recently on how to take the LGBT agenda global. In October 2016 she will publish a book on Inclusive Leadership, co-written with a peer in the market, Charlotte Sweeney and can be pre order from Amazon at,

Prior to joining EY, Fleur spent 18 years in the Investment Banking Sector. Latterly at Lehman Brothers for 7 years where she was initially Head of HR for Capital Markets in Europe – Fixed Income, Equities and Private Clients. In January 2002 she was asked to develop the Lehman diversity strategy for Europe. During this period LB received a number of accolades in recognition of their D&I progress; they launched a suite of employee networks, trained recruiters in unconscious bias, drove a firm wide initiative to increase the take up of flexible working and launched a supplier diversity programme. Fleur was also active in the market sitting on external committees and boards such as the London Development Agency and the Docklands Chaplaincy.

Fleur has a Masters in HR Strategic Management. She was a founding member of the advisory board for Diversity Works for London, is the former Co-Chair of the Board of Working Families and Former Member of the Advisory Board of WE Connect Europe.

She is a judge for Race for Opportunity Awards and a co-founder of the EMEA forum. In early 2016, she was the policy lead for Women in Business and Politics for the Womens Equality Party, UK.

In February 2013 she was profiled in the Financial Times.

She is a Director of the NAS Academies Trust and Chair of Governors of NAS Vanguard School, a free school opening in Lambeth for children on the autism spectrum.

In the Queen’s 2013 New Years Honours List, she was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her contribution to Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

“Finally, a book that can guide both the experienced and inexperienced leaders to implementing diversity and inclusion in their organisations. Moving from ‘initiatives’ to ‘business change’ is a challenge for many – Charlotte and Fleur seamlessly walk you through how to do this, sharing examples from their vast experience. A must read for any leader who is serious about attracting the best and getting the best from their people.”

Sadeq Sayeed Former CEO, Nomura International


Admirably qualified to write about the practical challenges, and opportunities, in promoting diversity in business and creating inclusive workplaces. Full of pragmatic ways forward that enable you to convert words into action.

The Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable
Former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

This book is a high impact, practical how-to guide to D&I, drawing on the extensive real-life experience of two master practitioners.

Stephen Sidebottom
Global Head of HR, CIB, Standard Chartered Bank

This book provides a thorough introduction to D&I with practical and pragmatic advice on how to create a truly inclusive culture. We know that if we get inclusion right, much of our diversity ambitions will follow. Whilst I see compelling research on D&I, there is little advice on how to put this into practice. Fleur and Charlotte have laid out a clear and pragmatic approach that will serve us all well.

Peter Duff
Head of Diversity & Inclusion (EMEA), International oil and gas company

In a world of increasing disruption, there has never been a better time for organisations to evaluate where they are on the continuum of inclusive leadership, both internally and externally.‎ This practical book offers insightful stories and guidance to bring to life an effective approach to driving sustainable culture change.

Claire Ighodaro CBE,
Independent Director and Trustee

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