When did we get too busy to be inclusive?

I've been travelling with my client work for the majority of this month which has meant spending a lot of time at train stations. During my travels I was struck by a situation that made me really question how, as a society, we have become too busy to notice what is around us and how we make others feel included.

29 November, 2016
Charlotte Sweeney

Mindfulness and Inclusive Leadership

I was recently asked to speak at an event on mindfulness and at first, I have to admit, I was thrown. What had quiet contemplation got to do with the hurly burly of my day to day role?

21 November, 2016
Fleur Bothwick

How important is the terminology we use when talking about ethnicity?

I was recently at the launch of the Parker Review. Sir John Parker was tasked with chairing a committee to look at the ethnic diversity of the FTSE 100 boards. The headline finding was that 53 of the 100 companies did not have any black or minority ethnic Directors.

14 November, 2016
Fleur Bothwick