Is the Football Association “unable to modernise”?

The Football Association (FA) in England has recently been challenged about the lack of diversity at senior levels. A group of former FA executives, including former chairman Greg Dyke, told the UK government the FA is outdated and is being held back by "elderly white men". They also highlighted their concerns of the FA's "inability to modernise" and called for legalisation to reform the organisation.

13 December, 2016
Charlotte Sweeney

Why the new gig economy needs more inclusive leaders

I was recently asked to speak at an event about the future of work and my preparation took me down a fascinating journey of discovery. I’ve obviously been reading about robotics, digital disruption and demographic shifts, but what really struck me during my research was that a lot of the ‘future’ we are talking about is not the future - it’s here now and it has implications for D&I.

5 December, 2016
Fleur Bothwick