Belonging - the new buzz word for inclusive leadership or the missing piece of the puzzle?

Could belonging be the crucial piece of the puzzle leading to psychological safety? To help shape an original piece of research on belonging, we have created a short survey and would value your input as well as share this with your contacts and colleagues to hear their views.

29 July, 2019
Charlotte Sweeney

Inclusive Leadership hopes for 2019

As with all previous New Years, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been bombarded with notes, emails and social media streams talking about what is going to be different in 2019, the 'New Year New You' mantra seems to be wearing a little thin - well, it is for me anyway! I’ve also been bombarded with predictions for the coming year, how leadership will evolve, what will companies be grappling with in a post Brexit environment (who knows what will happen) and how diversity and inclusion (D&I) will progress.

14 January, 2019
Charlotte Sweeney

The Changing Working World – the role of diversity and inclusion

The impact of creating more diverse and inclusive work environments on an organisations performance has been a hotly debated topic for over two decades. Research by Deloitte identified an 80 percent improvement in business performance when levels of diversity and inclusion were high and there is a raft of other research from companies such as Mercer, McKinsey and EY to support those findings.

20 November, 2017
Charlotte Sweeney

Are You Prepared for Your Customers to See All?

From publishing Gender Pay Gaps to the Women in Finance Charter organisations in the UK are now faced with the prospect of sharing information publicly they wouldn’t usually disclose. The impact of this increased transparency can be far-reaching as it will highlight a company’s attitude towards inequality as well as their approach to addressing it for the future.

6 October, 2017
Charlotte Sweeney

Mental Health – are we ready to move from talk to action?

If you’re working or living in Ireland you may have seen a sea of green ribbons in your workplace this month. More than 500,000 green ribbons have been distributed across the country to spark a national conversation about mental health.

10 May, 2017
Charlotte Sweeney

Diversity and Inclusion from 38,000 ft

The last month has been a mixture of delivering keynote speeches at conferences, conducting consultancy work with clients and being interviewed on radio about our book ‘Inclusive Leadership’ and the impact it’s having on how companies deliver ‘D&I differently’.

27 February, 2017
Charlotte Sweeney

Social Mobility – the next frontier for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)?

Social Mobility is increasingly becoming part of the D&I vocabulary in some sectors. Are companies taking this seriously or is it purely a tokenistic nod?

24 January, 2017
Charlotte Sweeney

Is the Football Association “unable to modernise”?

The Football Association (FA) in England has recently been challenged about the lack of diversity at senior levels. A group of former FA executives, including former chairman Greg Dyke, told the UK government the FA is outdated and is being held back by "elderly white men". They also highlighted their concerns of the FA's "inability to modernise" and called for legalisation to reform the organisation.

13 December, 2016
Charlotte Sweeney

When did we get too busy to be inclusive?

I've been travelling with my client work for the majority of this month which has meant spending a lot of time at train stations. During my travels I was struck by a situation that made me really question how, as a society, we have become too busy to notice what is around us and how we make others feel included.

29 November, 2016
Charlotte Sweeney

Creating Inclusive Cultures - The risk of doing nothing

Many industries are increasingly realising that building better workplaces for all has a positive impact on productivity, employee engagement and the bottom line. In their recent research, Deloitte identified an 80% improvement in business performance when levels of diversity and inclusion were high within a company.

22 September, 2016
Charlotte Sweeney