Accelerating the progression of your high potential minority pool

Many organisations do a poor job of identifying their high potentials and then supporting their progress. To be fair, it is easier said than done and there are a variety of challenges that need to be solved for, but by failing to do this, organisations are diluting what could be an effective and diverse pool of talent.

26 September, 2016
Fleur Bothwick

Quotas or Targets?

Every year, Cranfield School of Management publish the Female FTSE Board Report which tracks the number of female non-executive and exec directors on the company boards of the FTSE 100 and most recently the FTSE350.

19 September, 2016
Fleur Bothwick

Equal Pay Reviews verses Gender Pay Gap Reporting

For many years I had thought that equal pay gaps and gender pay gaps were the same. Judging by the many articles in the press on this topic and quotes from CEOs, this is a widely held belief.

12 September, 2016
Fleur Bothwick

Diversity and Inclusion – are we progressing or regressing?

On a personal level I was deeply troubled by the recent beach ban on burkini’s in Nice and was relieved to hear that the State Council ruled that the mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet did not have the right to introduce the ban.

2 September, 2016
Fleur Bothwick